Max’s Bar and Grill, 73 Queen St, Glasgow, G1 3BZ


Good , Mediocre

Being fan’s of beer selection, it was a one of those “yeah lets lunch there” thoughts.  I wish we hadn’t

The beer here is great, and the tables make it easy for chatting, but food, nope

The Colonel and I met for lunch and had been drooling over the menu all morning. So a quick order was made.



Memphis Wrap £9.95

When the dishes came out they looked impressive, but digging around the pulled pork wrap gave way to disappointment. It was mostly filler,lots of lettuce,  not much pulled pork for your money.  What was there was very moist, a bit too moist.  The chips weren’t the best.


in a Basket £7.95

The hit the spot, good pieces of chicken and displayed in one of those silly little baskets.

However the basic chips on the side was a complete fail.  Just undercooked, it’s -surely all chefs know how to cook chips?

With the just undercooked chips and the masses of salad and no substance to the wrap, we both agreed that this was a disappointing lunch, especially for the price.

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