The Blue Lagoon, Iceland

If you ever get the chance to visit Iceland, go! It’s a beautiful country very much like the islands of Scotland with very friendly people.

As part of my big birthday year of presents, we treated ourselves to a Travelzoo deal. For £359 each we received four nights bed and breakfast, a Northern lights boat tour and a visit to the Blue Lagoon.

The Blue Lagoon has been one of the places that you want to go but then go hmm the expense. It’s worth it!

We were picked up from our hotel and taken to the Blue Lagoon. At the car park is a left luggage area. You can visit before going to the airport, good de-stresser there.

A short 5 min walk to the entrance which was very spa like. Efficient, friendly staff organise your towels, slippers, and your locker details. Everything is paid for by using your electrical locker key. No soggy money icon wink The Blue Lagoon, Iceland

After a scrub and swimming costume on it was out into the cold Icelandic air.

image39 300x224 The Blue Lagoon, Iceland

There are hangers for your robe so you can keep warm just before you step into the water. Don’t worry about the water temperature, it’s kept between 37-39 degrees Celsius and cleaned every two days.

image40 300x224 The Blue Lagoon, Iceland

image41 300x224 The Blue Lagoon, Iceland

As well as the huge lagoon area, there is a bar, massage area, steam room, sauna, waterfall and buckets of silica mud to treat your body.

image42 224x300 The Blue Lagoon, Iceland

With the ticket we had you are allowed a free drink. The local beer Gull (gold) and a cherry slush puppy called Krap – which was very nice.

image47 300x300 The Blue Lagoon, Iceland

After a few hours of looking like creatures from the deep, it was time for some lunch and a wander up the viewing platform.

There is a full restaurant on site as well as a self service cafe.

Sandwiches and sushi were on offer. We went for sushi and soft drinks as well as a liquorice and ginger tea.

Below is a view off the main restaurant. I think an event was on later.

image43 300x224 The Blue Lagoon, Iceland

There are a couple of viewing areas where you get a good view of the lagoon and lunar landscape.

image44 300x224 The Blue Lagoon, Iceland

image45 300x224 The Blue Lagoon, Iceland

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