Babu Bombay Kitchen, 186 West Regent Street, Glasgow

, 186 West Regent Street,




Babu is one of those places where you have heard a lot about it, but never quite get around to going to.  You should make that trip.   The owner is funky, fun and knows her grub.




The inside is deconstructed decor (lights made out of graters) and street posters around.  Liked this look a lot, nice and clean too.



The Menu can be found HERE


Some “ginger”, thums up, which was like Cola but not quite.



This was a Garlic Chilli , Huge and I mean HUGE  chunks of tender, moist .  A nice kick to the sauce, not too hot but hot enough for a tingle.

Pot £ 5.50

Homemade ‘curry of the week’ served with rice/bread & a side dish.
Choose from:

Chicken or Veggie (VG) curry

Choose your from:
Fragrant basmati rice
or Morton rolls butter toasted

Add one side dish:
Tamarind carrot  / Bombay Slaw / Onion Pickle / Cucumber Raita


Bacon Wrap £3.50

Smoked bacon, red onion & lettuce topped with our green chilli & coriander mayo wrapped in a chapatti.  I didn’t get a chance to try this, Mr Williams wolfed it down and I didn’t hear any words apart from mmmm.   He was very happy with this.


Tiffin boxes from Babu are available in Tinderbox too if you don’t make it up to the shop.  It’s well worth the visit for the food and some chat from the owner.

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